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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Northside Psychological Consultancy (NPC).

NPC is an independent clinical psychology consultancy and specialist mental health practice based in Virginia (Brisbane, Australia).

NPC is an innovative and welcoming practice which provides a diverse range of professional services. NPC provides clinical psychological assessment, evidence-based therapy and counselling services for infants, children, adolescents and adults.  NPC also provides broad-spanning clinical and organisational consultancy services for large corporations, private-sector and public-sector organisations.

NPC places high level importance on being accessible and available to clients by providing flexible (extended) business hours. NPC strives to provide affordable psychological services, hence most individual clients requiring psychological assessment and treatment may be eligible for bulk-billing (under Medicare, Australia and with a current GP's Mental Health Care Plan) for at least the first two consultations. Clients may request bulk-billing for these two consultations by speaking with the Clinical Director who will assess the client's circumstances to determine eligibility.  Those clients not requesting (or eligible for) bulk-billing will experience low out-of-pocket expenses, however, this fee is not standard and is always determined individually for each client.

NPC values and appreciates the opportunity to work collaboratively with clients and their referrers. NPC primarily utilizes an educative, solution-focused and empowering approach in assisting clients to reach their personal potential, overcome, and/or better manage their life's challenges.

NPC invites you to peruse this website for further information.    
NPC looks forward to meeting and working collaboratively with you.

NPC   ...   the place to be!

Kind Regards

M. J. Brumby

Marcene Brumby
Clinical Director & Principal Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

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