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Director's Professional Biography:  A Brief Snapshot
Marcene is a Clinical Psychologist and Specialist Mental Health Practitioner, having been professionally registered and practising in Australia since 1989. Marcene also holds the positions of Director, Principal Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Operational Manager.

Marcene is credentialed in the field of clinical psychology. She holds post-graduate accreditations reflecting mastery in various therapy and treatment modalities. Marcene has experience across wide-ranging clinical sub-specialties spanning perinatal, infant, child, adolescent and adult domains.  Amongst other qualifications, Marcene has post-graduate qualifications in business management/administration (organisational psychology focus). 

Marcene has a diverse professional and employment background encompassing, among other things, particular experience in governmental business management and human resource management;  and clinical, counselling, educational, developmental and health practice.  Marcene's employment experience (prior to specialising as a clinical psychologist) enabled her to become accomplished in management and leadership drawing upon the principles of organisational psychology.  Marcene has consultation-liaison experience, particularly in the mental health field and also organisational change management consultative and advisory expertise.  

Marcene has worked in a senior clinical leadership, statutory, investigatory and managerial role within the child safety (protection) field.  She has also worked outside of, or concurrently with the psychology and mental health fields, including small business consultancy, in-service training, professional mentoring and educative roles. Marcene's Curriculum Vitae is comprehensive in clinical domains, however, also reflects marked diversity in non-clinical domains. 

Prior to founding Northside Psychological Consultancy (NPC), Marcene worked for many years in the subspecialty of infant, child and adolescent psychiatry, practising as a specialist-level, Mental Health Practitioner and Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist.  Marcene particularly values the opportunity of assessing, engaging and treating mild, moderate, severe and/or complex psychological, emotional and behavioural disturbances in children and teens within their family context. Marcene also has expertise in the perinatal and antenatal mental health domains, including parent-child attachment, the importance of early parenting practices and philosophies and the potential impact upon mental health, developmental, psycho-social, educational and other life trajectories.

Marcene has applied psychological practice experience contextual to the overlapping medical specialties of child and adolescent psychiatry and developmental paediatrics (e.g. assessing and treating children presenting with complex and comorbid physical, health, behavioural, developmental, communication, neurological, learning and/or psychological difficulties).  Marcene has provided specialist mental health consultancy, clinical consultation-liaison, in-service mentoring and case work direction to inter-disciplinary teams within the Child Health, Community Health, Mental Health, Medical and Hospital Sectors. 

At the other end of the life spectrum, Marcene is experienced in working with adults (including older persons and in the field of clinical geropsychology and palliative care), who experience emotional, mental health, ageing or adjustment difficulties, cognitive challenges, neurodegenerative decline and/or functional impairment, chronic health and/or other comorbidities. Marcene has a particular interest in working with veterans, spouses and their children.
As mentioned, Marcene is credentialed in the specialty practice area of clinical psychology, resultant in full membership (MAPS) and also fellowship of the Australian Psychological Society's College of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP). Marcene has tertiary-level teaching, lecturing and mentoring experience with students - dating back to 1995.
Marcene provides clinical psychology supervision and mentoring to colleagues and tertiary students. Marcene regularly participates in professional development activities, thereby keeping abreast of advances in psychological interventions across the age spectrum. Her Professional Development (PD) Portfolio is expansive and reflects a strong commitment to continuous clinical training across sub-specialties, theoretical orientations, treatment disorders/diagnoses and psychological treatment modalities.
Marcene maintains linkages with clinical psychology training programs in universities across Australia, the USA and the UK. 


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