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Clinical Assessments

Northside Psychological Consultancy (NPC) undertakes comprehensive clinical assessments and provides treatments for the following:
Mental health, psychological, psychiatric, emotional, neurodegenerative, coping, developmental, educational and behavioural conditions and/or disorders as documented in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).
Adults & Older Persons
Mood/Affective Disorders (most subtypes e.g. Bipolar-Affective Disorders, Depressive Disorders including Ante-Natal and/or Post-Natal Emotional Disturbances)
Anxiety Disorders (most subtypes e.g. Phobic Disorders, OCD, Generalized Disorders, Panic, Reactions to Stress, PTSD)
Adjustment Disorders (contextual to life, employment, vocation, family, education, earlier life trauma, abuse, neglect and/or abandonment, domestic discord/violence, separation/divorce and/or other situational stressors)
Neuropsychological & Neurodegenerative Disorders (most subtypes)

Sleep Disorders (most subtypes)

Relationship Issues (family, couple, interpersonal, parent-child etc)
Bereavement, Grief, Loss or Complex Trauma 
Other Psychological & Emotional Disturbances (associated with general stress, physical and/or chronic health conditions, ageing, cognitive or neurological decline, physical, intellectual or functional impairment and/or other physical or emotional injury)
Infants, Children & Adolescents
Mood/Depressive Disorders (most subtypes)
Anxiety Disorders (most subtypes)

Other Psychological, Emotional Disturbances & Adjustment Difficulties (contextual to life, family, learning, education, esteem, employment, health conditions, trauma, neglect, abuse, abandonment, relationships and/or other situational stressors)

Neuropsychological Disorders (most subtypes)

Peer Relationship Issues

Parent-Child, Sibling, and/or Family Relationship Issues

Parental Separation or Divorce Issues
Bereavement, Grief, Loss or Complex Trauma 
Behavioural Disorders (most subtypes e.g. Oppositional-Defiant Disorders, Conduct Disorders)

Attachment Disorders (most subtypes)
Developmental Disorders (some subtypes e.g. Attentional Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger's Syndrome)
Learning Disorders (some subtypes)
Sleep and Toileting Disorders (most subtypes)
Parental and/or Carer Support
NPC assesses and works collaboratively in the provision of support strategies, referral options and guidance for parents or carers about:

Parenting issues/challenges e.g. nurturing and behavioural management philosophies and choices

Children's school readiness

Enhancing children's esteem, confidence, social skills, emotional resiliency, self-regulation capacity, learning and study techniques and fundamental life skills in preparation for optimal personal function

Enhancing children's awareness and assisting to develop their capacity to recognise and articulate emotional concerns and impacts

Proactively addressing educational issues with their child's school (e.g. concerns about bullying, peer relationships, teacher-child relationships etc)

Emotional pressures and challenges on being a carer for a child, adolescent, adult or older person experiencing a physical health, mental health, behavioural, neurodegenerative, chronic health, developmental delay and/or intellectual impairment 

Assessments not undertaken by NPC

NPC chooses not to conduct forensic psychology assessments or provide forensic psychology reports (i.e. for court, probation and/or parole purposes).  This policy applies to children, adolescents and adults.  Please consult a Forensic Psychologist for these assessments.  

NPC chooses not to conduct assessments or provide reports pertaining to licit or illicit substance use/dependency. This policy applies to children, adolescents and adults. Please consult ATODS, a psychiatrist or psychologist who chooses to work with those experiencing addictions.

Assessments for Centrelink, Workcover or Insurance purposes do not form part of any assessment conducted by NPC under a Mental Health Care/Treatment Plan. The Clinical Director may consider conducting these kinds of assessments, however, this will only be considered on a fee-for-service basis with the client being required to prepay the entire fee before commencement of the assessment.  Written reports (if agreed upon) are in addition to the assessment fee.


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