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About NPC's Clinicians

NPC's Clinical Psychology Practitioners:
 Provide clinical psychology (or other focused) assessment and treatment services and practise with skill, knowledge and professionalism, reflective of the core philosophy of Northside Psychological Consultancy

 Are nationally registered and hold endorsement in the practice area of clinical psychology    

 Are highly experienced, empathic in approach and hold post-graduate qualifications and/or accumulated expertise in a broad range of psychology fields. NPC's clinical psychologists are full Members of both the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and also, are Fellows the APS College of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP)

 Carry professional indemnity and public liability insurance

 Are authorised to engage in clinical psychology practice with minors (i.e. children and teens)

 Are required to continuously update professional knowledge and skill-set, through participation in professional development

 Cater for clients of all ages due to possessing experience across the lifespan, across treatment modalities, across disorders/conditions, across diagnostic specialties and/or practise within particular interest areas

  Provide fee-for-service, contractual supervision for psychology students, provisionally registered psychologists who are working toward gaining general registration and/or for those psychologists who are working toward gaining endorsement in the specialty field of clinical psychology.

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