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Protecting Your Privacy

Northside Psychological Consultancy (NPC) adopts a strict confidentiality and privacy policy to ensure the personal information of clients is protected.  NPC's confidentiality and privacy policy reflects professional expectations and relevant acts of parliament.  

The policy guides and determines the manner in which NPC collects, utilizes, maintains and discloses information collected about a client.  NPC implements appropriate data collection practices to protect against unauthorised access to a client's personal information. As a client, your clinical information may not be disclosed to any third party unless: you consent in writing; or disclosure is necessary because you (or another person) is deemed at imminent risk of harm and/or your capacity to consent to psychological or mental health intervention is compromised; or there is a legal or other professional requirement to disclose via a subpoena, court order or other directive; or due to a child protection concern. Third party inquiries (in writing or by phone calls) about a client are generally not accepted nor responded to by NPC, unless the client (or legal guardian) has previously agreed to same in writing.

NPC's confidentiality and privacy policy document, Respecting And Protecting Your Privacy, will be provided to the client (or legal guardian) at the first assessment/consultation.  The client or legal guardian has the responsibility to read and fully understand the contents.

NPC reserves the right to update its confidentiality and privacy policy when appropriate. Current clients of NPC will be informed about a revision and offered a copy of the revised document.  As a client of NPC, you acknowledge and agree that it is your personal responsibility to peruse the revised document, understand its contents, agree to same and seek clarifications, as necessary. 


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