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Professional Linkages

Northside Psychological Consultancy (NPC) values the opportunity to develop local and broader community linkages and professional networks.  NPC, therefore, prioritises its need to invest in relevant networking opportunities by allocating clinical time and effort to enable positive returns, primarily so that clients may potentially benefit from same. 

Whilst the practitioners involved in NPC's networking efforts are too many to be named individually, those from the following professional groups with whom NPC tends to have the most contact, are listed: 

 General Practitioners 
 Psychiatrists (child and adult orientation)
 Other Medical Specialists
 Speech Pathologists
 Occupational Therapists
 Social Workers
 Nurse Practitioners
 Psychologists (generalist or those working in other endorsed practice areas)
 Child Protection Workers
 University Psychology Departments
•  Representatives from Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
•  Employee Assistance Providers (various national/international partners)
 HR Directors/Representatives of Large Corporations and Public Sector Organisations

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