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Treatment Options
Northside Psychological Consultancy (NPC) may choose to offer the following treatment (and/or counselling) options for infants, children, adolescents, adults and older persons, however, the type of intervention offered to individual clients is based primarily on assessment findings and remains at the sole discretion of the treating clinician and/or Director:
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (various modalities)

Supportive Counselling/Therapy (various modalities)

Rogerian (Client-Centred) Therapy

Emotional Release Therapy

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy (various modalities)
Life Skills Coaching

Mediation and Conflict Resolution 

Positive Psychology Therapy
Motivational Interviewing and Problem Solving Therapy

Resilience Building Interventions

Solution-Focused Therapy
Expressive Therapy (various modalities e.g. art and drawing; non-directive play; creative story-telling; therapeutic games and activities; esteem, confidence and resiliency building; anger management and impulse control techniques; friendship, confidence strengthening and social skills activities and interventions - primarily for infants, children and adolescents)
Family Therapy (various modalities)
Parent-Child Interactional Therapy

Animal-Assisted (Pet) Therapy (various modalities)
Behavioural and Emotional Management Interventions for Parents of Children with Challenging Behaviours and/or Significant Developmental Compromise

Multifocal Interventions and Supports for Children and Adolescents Whose Parents Experience a Significant Mental Health Diagnosis
Psychoanalytic Therapy (brief and longer-term modalities)
Treatments not offered by NPC

NPC chooses not to offer psychological interventions, specifically for forensic purposes and/or those which may be court-ordered (family court, criminal court or otherwise).  This policy applies to children, adolescents and adults. Please consult a Forensic Psychologist for these interventions.

NPC chooses not to offer psychological interventions pertaining to licit or illicit substance use/dependency. This policy applies to children, adolescents and adults. Please consult ATODS, a psychiatrist or psychologist who chooses to work with those experiencing addictions.

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